Three national pilot projects will be identified and implemented on a local to national level during the course of the Mami Wata project. These pilot projects will play a central role in the project, as they provide proofs-of-concept for Integrated Ocean Management (IOM).

By working across sectors and with local stakeholder groups, the pilot projects will apply tools, methods and processes on integrating EBSAs, MSP and SoME in marine management. The pilot projects will support hands-on learning and apply practical lessons to foster a community of practice. They will also underpin national and regional level capacity developments and policy framework development, in response to regional and international commitments.


Identifying pilot project countries

The Mami Wata project considered 13 proposals submitted by countries from the Gulf of Guinea and Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystems in response to countries’ recommendation during the Mami Wata Inception Workshop. More to come soon.