The Mami Wata Centres of Expertise (CoEs) are building capacity on the three Integrated Ocean Management (IOM) tools, and are strengthening their networks with other CoEs around the world.

Centre de Suivi Écologique (CSE) – Senegal

The Centre de Suivi Écologique (CSE) in Dakar, Senegal, is a national institution that supports environmental policy and the decision-making process through advanced technologies, geomatics, data processing and management, satellite imagery, etc. It plays an important role in high-impact activities such as environmental monitoring, natural resources management, and environmental impact assessments. In the Mami Wata project, the CSE is the CoE in charge of building capacity on Ecologically or Biologically Significant marine Areas (EBSAs) in the three pilot projects countries, as well as in the broader Abidjan Convention Region.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Sierra Leone

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) focuses on creating and enforcing the environmental regulatory framework in Sierra Leone. It coordinates and monitors the implementation of national environmental policies, programmes and projects as well as environmental protection and management. In the Mami Wata project, the EPA is the CoE in charge of building capacity on State of the Marine Environment (SoME) reports in the three pilot projects countries, as well as in the broader Abidjan Convention Region.

International Ocean Institute – African Region (IOI-SA)

The International Ocean Institute (IOI) is a world leading independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization conducting training and capacity building in Ocean Governance globally. Since 1980, IOI has trained more than 1,500 people and contributed to a growing global network of trained and empowered leaders fully conversant with the latest developments in ocean governance, with the knowledge, skills and attitude required for effective ocean governance of the planet´s resources. The IOI-SA, based in Cape Town, South Africa, produces research, policy and strategy-related outputs to address key challenges of sustainable ocean governance in support of communities, governments, regions and international organizations. It achieves its mission through collaborative partnerships with organizations and government agencies in Africa that are active in the sphere of marine and coastal management and sustainable livelihoods.

In the Mami Wata project, the IOI-SA is the CoE for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), providing direct guidance to the three pilot projects/countries, as well as in the broader Abidjan Convention Region.

News from the Project

Marine Spatial Planning in Grand-Bassam

For six days, more than sixty environmental experts have conducted reflections during the workshop of inter-sectoral stakeholder consultation on the mapping of uses and on the development of different scenarios for the use of the marine and coastal space in Grand-Bassam.

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“The Mami Wata training was timely especially for us in Nigeria, where over half of our GDP comes from the marine environment. There is so much stress on the use of our ocean, we will sit down and map out an approach to sensitize our management team, and then move on from there”.

Aishatu Dikko, Nigeria