Integrated Management of the Marine and Coastal Area of Abidjan to Assinie (GIAMAA)

Project description

Components / Outcomes:

  • Producing a State of the Marine Environment (SoME) report
  • Identifying Ecologically or Biologically Significant marine Areas (EBSAs)
  • Developing a consensual Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) tool
  • Catalyzing stakeholder reflections around the promotion of the sustainable management of the Abidjan-Assinie coastal zone
  • Allocating artisanal and modern human activities to dedicated marine areas
  • Safeguarding biological diversity
  • Setting up of the monitoring and evaluation committee
  • Implementing communication and data capitalization systems


In addition to the Mami Wata implementing partners – GRID-Arendal and the Abidjan Convention Secretariat –  several collaborative Institutions will play a key role in the project implementation. These include:

  • Governmental bodies: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development; Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; Ministry of Transports; Ministry of Fisheries; Ministry of Water and Forestry; Ministry of Interior; Mini Ministry of Planning and Development; Ministry of Economy and Finance; Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources; Ministry of Tourism; Local governments; Traditional Authorities in concerned areas; Navy.
  • Private organizations: Oil and mining companies, fishermen associations, business groups, maritime transport groups, tour operators, tourism and hotel industry.
  • Civil society organizations

News from the Project