Alternatives to mangrove degradation and improvement of women well-being


By: Jonas Kemajou Syapze

Organisation: Organisation pour l’Environnement et le Développement Durable (OPED)

Location: Kribi, Cameroon

Published: 30 March 2016

Photo: Women filling in bags for the mangrove nursery © OPED

Summary: Focused on women-led restoration of the degraded mangroves of the Equatorial African Rainforest, OPED is transforming the local fishing industry by providing energy-efficient alternatives to cutting down trees to smoke fish, a primary driver of mangrove forest loss in the region. New processing techniques are ensuring the regeneration and conservation of local mangrove forests while reducing the amount of time spent foraging for wood, as well as the frequency of respiratory illness.

To share the wealth of global knowledge on the  aspects of Integrated Ocean Management (IOM) with the 22 countries of the Abidjan Convention’s region, the Mami Wata project takes advantage of existing IOM solutions that have been successfully implemented already. The Blue Solutions presented here are part of and featured on the Marine and Coastal Solutions Portal on the PANORAMA platform. These solutions are being contributed by a broad range of providers from across the planet.