Mangrove conservation, climate change and food security


Par: Alfredo Da Silva

Location: Guinea Bissau

Published: 04 December 2015

Photo: Mangroves at Rio Cacheu © Pierre Campredon

Summary: Sea level rise makes it necessary to raise the dikes of rice fields. However, indigenous people of Guinea-Bissau lack employment, and tend to leave the rice fields. The initiative focuses on helping to restore rice fields and mangroves that were once abandoned. A set of alternative activities (fishing, tourism) and conservation measures complement this shared governance model.

To share the wealth of global knowledge on the  aspects of Integrated Ocean Management (IOM) with the 22 countries of the Abidjan Convention’s region, the Mami Wata project takes advantage of existing IOM solutions that have been successfully implemented already. The Blue Solutions presented here are part of and featured on the Marine and Coastal Solutions Portal on the PANORAMA platform. These solutions are being contributed by a broad range of providers from across the planet.