Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services for Integrated Management


By: Gregg Verutes

Organisation: Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI)

Location: coastal Belize

Published: 27 August 2015

Photo: Team members © CZMAI

Summary: Ecosystem services were mapped and valued in a participatory process that included designing spatially-explicit scenarios of future human uses throughout Belize’s coastal zone. To understand the implications of different development scenarios, the team used InVEST models to map future value of coastal protection, recreation, and fisheries services. The resulting Plan can help the people of Belize plot a wiser course for managing the incredibly valuable resources their ocean and coast provide.

To share the wealth of global knowledge on the  aspects of Integrated Ocean Management (IOM) with the 22 countries of the Abidjan Convention’s region, the Mami Wata project takes advantage of existing IOM solutions that have been successfully implemented already. The Blue Solutions presented here are part of and featured on the Marine and Coastal Solutions Portal on the PANORAMA platform. These solutions are being contributed by a broad range of providers from across the planet.