Multi-sectoral coastal and marine management vision


By: Michael Schloenvoigt

Organisation: GIZ Costa Rica

Location: Coast Rica

Published: 10 November 2015

Photo: Regulated resource use in the managed area. © BIOMARCC-GIZ

Summary: This solution uses scientific information to prioritize sites of importance for conservation that are vulnerable to climate change on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. A consultative process with participation by residents, fishermen, and local and regional authorities, builds a shared vision for sustainable management of coastal and marine resources. Dialogue platforms establish geographical areas, the governance model and management rules.

To share the wealth of global knowledge on the  aspects of Integrated Ocean Management (IOM) with the 22 countries of the Abidjan Convention’s region, the Mami Wata project takes advantage of existing IOM solutions that have been successfully implemented already. The Blue Solutions presented here are part of and featured on the Marine and Coastal Solutions Portal on the PANORAMA platform. These solutions are being contributed by a broad range of providers from across the planet.